Every age has its heroes and its villains. Richard III, King of England (1483-1485) was a villain, a monster perhaps, but that's Shakespeare's version sourced from documents which were either pro-Tudor or blatantly anti-York; the Wars of the Roses - The Continuation.

But, was he so very evil? Not according to a small group of enthusiastic individuals called "Ricardians" who seek to have the truth told. The central character of this work of fiction - Laura Kempe - is determined to do her own investigation of the life and times of King Richard III, using a combination of common sense, instinct and more than a touch of ESP. She gets more than she bargains for however when she reaches for the ultimate prize; the truth about what happened to the "Princes in the Tower" and unwittingly unleashes a chain of events which threaten to destroy her and her traveling companions.

Witty, amusing and provocative, this is a story overflowing with little-known facts, bizarre encounters and finally, unremitting evil. A traveler's tale? Absolutely! But, be warned! For those who seek knowledge must come prepared, for often it seems Truth is jealously guarded to the death, and sometimes beyond!

New Information:

  • How Henry VI was actually murdered.
  • Who murdered George, Duke of Clarence and how
  • Richard's relationship with his niece, Elizabeth of York.
  • Anne Neville ~ Death by natural causes?
  • Why the young King Edward V had to die.
  • The Dracula connection.
  • The truth behind the manner of King Richard's death.
  • What happened to The Princes in the Tower? - a plausible explanation

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