King Richard III

Every age has its heroes, and its villains. Richard III, King of England (1483-1485) was a villain, a monster perhaps, but that's Shakespeare's version, sourced from documents which were either pro-Tudor or blatantly anti-York; the Wars of the Roses - The Continuation.

But, was he so very evil? Not according to a small group of enthusiastic individuals called Ricardians who seek to have the truth told.

Background Information:

Founded in 1924, the Richard III Society now has a worldwide membership in excess of 3000, and while it may not be the only society dedicated to a king of England, pledged as it is to secure for him a more favourable reappraisal of his role in English history, it is certainly the largest, oldest and best known. Members of the Society are referred to as Ricardians.

Ricardians are actively involved in the life and times of King Richard III of England. Taheke Press supports the New Zealand branch of the King Richard III Society's web site. There is also a "Virtual tour of Medieval England" and the "Visitor Centre" based on the novel "On The Trail Of King Richard III" by L. M. Ollie.

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