Legally she was Sarah Develin Capritzo but very few people knew the truth. It really didn’t matter since both Sarah’s husbands were dead; the first of a heart attack; the second … well, he was murdered.  That’s a truth too and no one knew it better than Sarah herself since she was the one who killed him.

Twenty-one years of age with two young sons, she was mistress of Cavendish Hall and fabulously wealthy.  The thought of marrying again never occurred to her until she met Yusuf Nessim Sarquazi under extraordinary circumstances; circumstances as extraordinary as he was and the country he called home – Morocco. Things you will learn about and experience.

* Sultan Moulay Ismail - folk-hero, maniac and father of hundreds * King Hassan II - triumph, tragedy and treason * Thami el-Glaoui, Pasha of Marrakech * Five Pillars of Islam * Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) * Marriage customs * Volubilis * Meknès * Fès * How to make Moroccan mint tea (Atai) * Imilchil - Betrothal Festival * Djinni * Burial customs * Widowhood * Stay in a Riad - a traditional Moroccan house * Visit a Medina * Moroccan food * Traditional dress *

This is a novel packed full of history and exotic travel, customs and culture. An improbable love story that is both fast paced and riveting; the action takes place in Southern Ireland, Massachusetts and Morocco. Be in for a few surprises though, because this is a novel populated by a remarkable cast of characters that will amuse one moment, astound the next then leave you horrified.

Creatures of the Chase Yusuf – Book Two: the second of a quartet. 

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