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Why did I write Creatures of the Chase - Yusuf?

There had to be a sequel to Richard. That I knew right from the beginning because the characters where much too vivid; much too alive to abandon.

 Capritzo’s full name was Merhot Mauphet Capritzo and he was a “Berber of Maroc” (Morocco). His elder brother was none other than Yusuf Nessim Sarquazi Mauphet Benghazi; a man who would both delight and intrigue Sarah from the very first moment they met, and married. The time I spent in Morocco served me well. What a wonderful country it is, filled with enthusiastic and friendly people and the history, the customs and the culture! Did I mention the food? It’s all in the book, not at the beginning mind but there nevertheless.

Yusuf was fun to write but never once did I forget that beneath that charming exterior was a ruthless, manipulative, controlling killer true to his bloodline.

Who was he?   

‘Be proud of your Develin blood Sarquazi and the wolf that runs through it, because just like the wolf, they hunt and they kill which makes me wonder what you do for a hobby.’

Why would someone read these novels?

Reading is like undertaking a journey in which, it is hoped you will meet extraordinary people doing extraordinary things against extraordinary backgrounds. You clamber aboard, find a comfortable place to settle in, say goodbye to the real world and begin and once you do; once you’ve met just a few of the Creatures of the Chase, you may find it very difficult to stop reading, so be warned! 

If you fancy sex and violence, mystery, murder and mayhem, exotic locales, history, unforgettable and not infrequently monstrous characters who will amaze and even horrify you one moment than make you laugh the next, Creatures of the Chase - Yusuf is the second in a quartet of must reads – Richard, Yusuf and Mikail for starters, then finally Sarah’s story.

These are gripping and compelling novels of lust, wealth and the abuse of power, populated by characters that will both fascinate and appall.
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