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Why did I write Creatures of the Chase - Mikail?

Throughout history there have been many individuals who cannot accept who they are but must dream then tragically reach, whether through an accident of birth, genetics or the corrupting whisperings of others, to an Estate where they do not belong. Coupled with extreme wealth and leisure time conjoined with the overindulgence of others, such an individual would be quite simply dangerous. Add psychopathic character traits and you have a monster; a monster Sarah would openly confront to save not only herself but her children; the children of two men she loved so dearly and lost too soon. 

Both Richard and Yusuf are love stories; although admittedly atypical – Mikail is not unless you consider the depth of a Mother’s love in that Sarah was willing to risk everything including her sanity. Seen from that perspective, it is indeed a love story and a triumphant of good over evil although again, both Sarah and a handful of amazing characters would, in varying degrees, pay dearly for their entry to the Chase. 

Why would someone read these novels?

Reading is like undertaking a journey in which, it is hoped you will meet extraordinary people doing extraordinary things against extraordinary backgrounds. You clamber aboard, find a comfortable place to settle in, say goodbye to the real world and begin and once you do; once you’ve met just a few of the Creatures of the Chase, you may find it very difficult to stop reading, so be warned!

If you fancy sex and violence, mystery, murder and mayhem, exotic locales, history, unforgettable and not infrequently monstrous characters who will amaze and even horrify you one moment than make you laugh the next, Creatures of the Chase - Mikail is the third in a quartet of must reads – Richard, Yusuf and Mikail for starters, then finally Sarah’s story.

These are gripping and compelling novels of lust, wealth and the abuse of power, populated by characters that will both fascinate and appall.
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